R&M Auto Center offers air conditioning and heating service and maintenance.

Reasons to Have You’re Air Conditioning serviced:

  • Unusual amount of noise while Air Conditioning System is on
  • Vehicle Air Conditioner puts out an abnormal odor
  • Stale air produced from your vehicles Air Conditioning system

If these symptoms persist come down to R&M Auto Center Inc. We will inspect the belts for cracks, the compressor for leaks, the electrical components for connectivity, and the entire Air Conditioning System for low pressure. Our service team may also empty and recharge your system with refrigerant according to your manufacturer’s specifications. During an air conditioning system diagnostic, we will use professional leak detection tools to locate the problem plaguing your system.

Air Conditioning System Funtions

The Primary functions of  the Air Conditioning System:

  • Cools the vehicle
  • Cleans the cabin air of your car
  • Sends air throughout the vehicle

These functions keep a comfortable driving environment and prevent driver fatigue. The Air Conditioning System sends refrigerant through a sealed system to remove hot air from the vehicle. As the refrigerant flows through the air conditioning system, it is turned from a hot gas into a liquid. This liquid is then cooled, turned into a gas again, and vaporized in order to absorb heat from the cabin. At the end of the cycle, the cool air is blown into the cabin.

This process is made possible by the drive belt. This belt drives the compressor. The compressor works in concert with the condenser, evaporator, and other parts. If any of these components cease to operate efficiently, the functionality of the entire system is at risk. When the performance of your vehicle’s Air Conditioning System diminishes, allow our team at R&M Auto Center Inc. in Mt. Holly NC to identify and solve the issue through an Air Conditioning System diagnostic.