R&M Auto Center offers Automotive Cooling system Service and repair

Reasons to Bring in Your Vehicle for Cooling System Evaluation

  • Overheating
  • Low fluid in Antifreeze reservoir
  • Puddle of green/blue or orange/pink fluid under vehicle
  • Engine not warming up

If you’re having these or any other Cooling System issues don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to our techs here at R&M Auto Center Inc. in Mt Holly NC. Our team will get you back on the road with the care and professionalism you and your vehicle deserve.

Coolant Flush Service

At R&M Auto Center we carry and service all different coolant types. After a period of time the Antifreeze can get acidic and inefficient. Old  Antifreeze can lead to corrosion and early breakdown of gaskets if not exchanged.

During a cooling system flush and fill:

  • We will drain the Antifreeze from the Radiator
  • We will flush the Cooling System
  • We will fill the radiator with new model specific Antifreeze including extended life.

What does an Automotive Cooling System Do?

The main job of the Automotive Cooling System is to maintain the temperature inside your engine and prevent possible overheating. Excess heat can build in a variety of places in your vehicle’s engine. When the engine reaches operating temperatures, the thermostat opens and releases coolant from the engine to the radiator, which initiates the circulatory flow to absorb excess heat.

The coolant is also responsible for keeping other engine fluids from boiling or freezing. After the Antifreeze flows through the engine, it cycles back to the Radiator, where the excess heat escapes through the Radiator’s walls. The Antifreeze is cooled by the cooling fan and readied to be re-released into the engine to dissipate additional heat.

Other Jobs Of Coolant

The second purpose of Coolant is to prevent the fluids in the engine from freezing during the cold winter months which can cause cracks in engine components that are irreparable. Keeping a proper mixture of Antifreeze in your Automotive Cooling System is essential to prolonging the life of your engine. Regular Antifreeze services can also prevent corrosion of the internal components of your Cooling System.

The Automotive Cooling System’s cooling fan forces air through the Radiator and passes excess heat out of the engine. If the cooling fan malfunctions, your vehicle’s engine will overheat. Because the Radiator is responsible for cooling the Antifreeze as it circulates throughout the Automotive Cooling System, a leak or a broken Radiator hose can lead to major engine failure. A Radiator pressure test is one way we can check for potential leaks or Radiator damage.

How Many Components Make Up the Automotive Cooling System?

Some of the components that work together to keep your engine running include:
• Radiator cooling fan
• Engine water pump
• Engine thermostat
• Radiator
• Heater core
• Heater valve