R&M Auto Center offers Full axle and CV Joint repair

Reasons to have your Axle and CV Joints serviced:

  • Clunking noises
  • Clicking noises
  • Vibrations during acceleration
  • Turning and steering issues

If you experience these symptoms or other related issues come on in to R&M Auto Center Inc. in Mt. Holly NC. Our team will take care of you and your vehicle with the personal attention and care you deserve.

The Function of Axles

Your vehicle’s Axle, CV Joint, and Driveshaft components are important to the performance and drivability of your vehicle. The driveshaft is a metal component that connects the transmission to the rear differential. The driveshaft connects to the transmission through the CV Joints.

The Function Of CV Joints

The CV Joints are responsible for transferring the force from the transmission to the wheels at a consistent speed. Front wheel drive vehicles use CV Joints on the front Axles. CV Joints allow the Axle to flex while accounting for the bounce of the wheels.

Why Should I Service My Axles And CV Joints

The Axle bears the weight of the vehicle while also being strong enough to absorb the forces from braking and accelerating. Over time and through normal use, your vehicle’s Axle, CV joint service, and Driveshaft components may require maintenance or replacement services.