R&M Auto Center offers full service Brake repairs Including pads and rotors

Reasons to Bring In Your Car for Brake Service:

  • Grinding noises
  • Scraping noises
  • Spongey pedal
  • Excessive stopping time
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side while breaking
  • Constant loss of brake fluid from reservoir
  • Vibration on braking

If you notice any of these issues come see our friendly team of techs at R&M Auto Center Inc. in Mt. Holly NC for that personal touch you and your vehicle deserve. We will make sure your vehicle is serviced right and that all parts of your Brake System are functioning properly.

Working Brakes are Important

Proper Brake Service and repair are essential to keeping your vehicle safe for you, your passengers, and the others on the road with you. The Brake System functions by using hydraulic pressure to apply force from the Brake Pads or shoes to the rotors or drums. If any part of the System begins to malfunction you may not be able to stop.

Things to Look for

It is essential that you keep your Brake System well maintained by:

  • Checking brake fluid
  • Maintaining good Brake Pads and rotors
  • Making sure brake lines are not leaking

All of these are important services that keep everyone on the road safe. Our team of techs at R&M Auto Center Inc. will gladly check your System for any faults or areas that need to be serviced. We use all manufacturer original equipment replacement parts or equivalent to ensure proper fit and function for your specific vehicle’s needs.