Hunter Road Force Balance Service

At R&M Auto Services Inc. we use the most sophisticated balancer currently available, the Hunter Road Force Tire Balancer. The road force balancing machine allows for a more in depth and accurate tire balance. The equipment accomplishes this by not only measuring the weight of the tire and rim for weighted balance, but also measures the individual weight of the tire and the wheel allowing for a more accurate base balance before weights are even added.

Extremely Accurate Tire Balance

This Process ensures that the tire is more accurately balanced for being under load of carrying the vehicles weight. The Road Force Balancer also measures the tires conicity in order to designate more accurate tire placement on vehicle to reduce or eliminate tire pull on your vehicle.

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Road force balancing is critical if you own an All-Wheel Drive vehicle. The in depth measurements make sure your tires are properly placed. Make sure you treat your car right with a Road Force Tire Balance Today.

Consistent Results

The Hunter Road Force Balancer is the most accurate and reliable tool for proper tire balancing that gives your vehicle the “like new” tire feel. If you have had to make a return trip to your tire shop because of vibration issues come see our team at R&M Auto Services Inc. in Mt. Holly, NC for the most accurate and reliable balance your tires can get.