R&M Auto Center offers full service oil changes that include a multi-point vehicle inspection.

Reasons to Get an Oil Change Service:

  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance
  • Low engine oil level
  • Engine oil excessively dirty

Come see us at R&M Auto Center Inc. in Mt. Holly NC for your next oil change and get a taste of our courteous services and personal attention.

How Oil Helps Your Engine

Oil and filter replacement is an important part of vehicle upkeep. Oil is used to lubricate the moving parts inside your vehicle’s engine. Oil also reduces the amount of friction between these parts.

Because the engine operates at a high temperature, oil helps to cool as it circulates through the engine. Oil also carries harmful particles created during the ignition process and carries them to the oil filter. The filter then separates the debris and contaminants leaving the oil clean and free-flowing.

Together, the oil and oil filter keep your vehicle’s engine functioning smoothly. During an oil change, we will replace your engine’s old oil with new oil and replace the oil filter.

Why Get Your Oil Changed With Us?

At R&M Auto Center we will also do a multi-point vehicle inspection for free. This inspection allows for us to catch repairs that may otherwise go unnoticed. Routine oil changes are an important part of extending your vehicles service life. We use proper manufacturer specified oil viscosity for your vehicle. Using the proper viscosity will keep your warranty from being voided for improper engine upkeep.