guarantee-autoOur commitment to you, our customer is that we set our standards much higher than the industry we work in and in doing so we feel sure that we will exceed your expectations with every experience you have with us.We view your vehicle as an investment not just a form of transportation.

To help protect your investment we use the best quality parts available and follow manufacturer guidelines for the repairs and or services we provide. Most repairs carry a 2 year/24000 mile warranty and you can rest assured that no repair work will be performed without prior approval. We’ll stay in touch with you and inform you of any complications, changes and updates through-out the process. For more details about what services are covered under our warranty give us a call at (704) 827-4240

Our pledge to you our customer to conduct business in an honest manner with integrity as our foundation. If at any time there is a problem or complaint with work performed please let us be the first to know and we’ll work together to resolve the issue. We strive to have complete customer satisfaction and look forward to building relationships for years to come.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide a much needed service for our community in a manner that is based on:

  • honesty and integrity
  • Staying up to date with vehicle technology
  • providing services and repairs at a reasonable cost

Never performing any repair not needed and never charging for repair services not performed. To give back to our community in various ways through-out the year. But first and foremost to give God the praise and glory for all we achieve.