Preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the care and protection of your vehicle to help prevent major repairs. Following the manufacturers recommended service intervals (MSI) is one of the best ways to prevent these costly repairs.

Service Intervals

Depending on your vehicle avoiding preventive maintenance has the potential to void warranty coverage. Vehicle maintenance intervals have been designed to improve the reliability, durability, and value of your vehicle.

Based on driving conditions these intervals may change. For example, short commutes can actually hurt a vehicle because most engines thrive during longer trips. Short commutes, stop-and-go traffic, and carrying heavy cargo are all types of heavy driving conditions. Driving conditions can also be affected by your environment.

Environmental Factors

Weather, Terrain, and dusty or salty environments can have an effect on your vehicle. Due to these innumerable factors, adhering to a service schedule can keep your vehicle running efficiently for years to come. Components and parts also wear out faster under hazardous road conditions.

Regular Maintenance Is Important

By sticking to the preventive maintenance schedule in your vehicle owner’s manual you help ensure that your vehicle consistently runs at optimal performance. Depending upon the vehicle’s service interval mileage, our team here at R&M Auto Services Inc. may inspect the function of:

This helps ensure that your vehicle functions efficiently. Our team can look at the level of vital vehicle fluids. We are also able to inspect:

  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Examine windshield wiper blades
  • Check batteries
  • Inspect hinges and locks
  • Determine level of ball joint wear
  • Check transmission components
  • Fix exhaust system components
  • And conduct both tire wear inspection and inflation checks

It is important to schedule preventive maintenance for these and other components to ensure they continue to work as intended. Contact our team at R&M Auto Center in Mt. Holly NC today to schedule your next maintenance apt. and experience our personal touch when it comes to making sure you and your vehicle stay on the road.