R&M Auto Center is a full Tire Service center.

Reasons To Get Your Tires Serviced

  • Vibration in steering wheel or seat
  • Tire pressure light is on
  • Metal is showing
  • Unusual Tire Wear

If you are experiencing any of these issues or it’s time for new tires come on down to R&M Auto Center in Mt. Holly, NC. We are a full Tire Service shop offering 4-wheel alignments, Hunter Road Force Balancing, and road hazard protection on tire purchases. Come down and experience our friendly and personalized Tire Service for yourself.

Why Do I Need To Regularly Service My Tires

Tire maintenance is vital to the proper function of your car. Your tires connect the steering and suspension systems of your car to the road. Proper Tire Maintenance can improve the life of your vehicle and prevent blow outs or pre-mature wear on other parts of the vehicle.

Maintaining proper tire inflation, balance, and alignment can also improve the quality and comfort of your drive. By keeping the appropriate level of air in your tires you can also improve gas mileage and the life of your tire’s tread.

Our team at R&M will help keep you on the road by making sure you and your vehicle are properly prepared with knowledge and the right services for your individual needs.

Benefits Of Proper Tire Service

Premature tire wear can be caused by improper inflation and poor rotation habits. Properly inflated tires, however tend to have a more durable sidewall resulting in longer sidewall life. Keeping your alignment in check can prevent wear issues such as feathering or chopping.

Having an improper alignment though can also cause the same problems as balancing and is recommended with installation of a new set of tires to prevent premature wear and vehicle drifting. Our team at R&M will take the time to make sure your tires are properly inflated to manufacturer’s specs and help diagnose any drivability issues related to Tire Services or maintenance.